Tools for Winning

Actionable insights and practical resources for increasing performance and profitability through the LinkedXL process.

Purpose Map

This simple but highly effective tool creates a clear and concise one-year strategic plan that equips your teams to align their efforts towards a common goal and achieve the right organizational goals.

Mirror Exercise Work Instructions

This powerful assessment allows you to capture an objective view of how your organization is perceived by its members, enabling you to develop actions to address weaknesses and capitalize on strengths.

BT Expressed

Kick off your day with an empowering blend of leadership, business operations, and self-development insights from successful entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders. Hosted by Billy Ray Taylor, The Morning Tea with Billy T features a diverse range of leadership perspectives distilled into 20 minutes of actionable insights you don’t want to miss.

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The Success Patterns Show

Leadership Guru, Business Executive, & Speaker Billy Taylor
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Supply Chain Now

Manufacturing Monday on the Supply Chain Buzz: Featuring Special Guest Billy Taylor
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My Favorite Mistake

Not Adhering to the Standard as a Leader
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The Winning Link

The Winning Link

A Proven Process to Define, Align, and Execute Strategy at Every Level

Developing a winning organization requires more than just the right people and the right processes. Without clarity and buy-in on the right strategy, you’ll consistently fall short of your metrics.

In this groundbreaking guide, global operations strategist BIlly Ray Taylor reveals how his proprietary LinkedX Process can help your organization cultivate "extreme ownership" at every level, from top management to front-line employees.

Taylor's proven program will show you how to:

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    Build and deploy a clear, purpose-driven strategy with clarity

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    Align the strategy with process, assets, and talent to deliver growth and profitability

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    Enable and develop people-driven ownership and adherence to process

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    Measure what matters by defining standards and performance

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    Understand that winning is more than just the numbers

Highlighted by Taylor’s personal experiences working with companies across the globe, The Winning Link offers you a step-by-step playbook for creating a corporate culture-driven approach to success.

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