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Custom consulting solutions for defining, aligning, and executing the winning strategy for your organization through the LinkedXL Process.

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Your business is only as good as its operating system, but your system will only be effective if it’s designed for your unique culture, goals, and resources. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for building an organization that wins.

As business operating system architects, we partner with you to create and implement a custom end-to-end system that connects your business with your people and processes and builds extreme ownership at every level through the LinkedXL process.

LinkedXL Experience


We believe the best operating systems are those that marry the proven LinkedXL process with your existing strengths and culture, and the best consultants are those that combine their efforts with yours.

We are committed to:


+ Change With the Team, Not To the Team

We architect your system with you. From shop floor to leadership, we collaborate with key drivers at every level to develop the right system for your organization.


+ Being Hands-On Practitioners

We don’t just help you create the right system. We help you implement it, doing the work with you step-by-step so we can observe and adjust for reality.


+ Staying Exit-Minded

We start every consulting project with a six-month rollout process in place. We help you implement a sustainable system within six months, and then we leave.


+ Leveraging the Experts

From beginning to end, we actively engage the input of your front line personnel, enabling us to clearly identify and address your opportunities and optimize your existing wins.


+ Offering
A La Carte Components

Our versatile range of tools, training, and systems give you the flexibility of choosing only the consulting solutions your business needs to win.

How You'll Win


We work with you to define, align, and execute operating systems that are visually clear, drive accountability and ownership, and deliver results.

Define Winning

Stage 1


Develop deliberate clarity.

In this stage, we partner with you to develop deliberate clarity on your current state, desired future state, and the actions needed to win. At the end of this phase, you will have a strategic roadmap that can be clearly communicated to your organization.

Elements of this work may include:

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    1-on-1 Meetings with Executives

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    Purpose Mapping for Organization (Strategy on a Page)

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    Communications Strategy Development and Deployment

Aligning to Win

Stage 2

Aligning to Win

Develop deliberate ownership.

In this stage, we connect the strategy with the people who will tactically execute it at every level of the organization. At the end, every person will have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and will know who owns the intersections at every function.

Elements of this work may include:

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    Ownership Mapping

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    Team-building Exercises

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    Performance Mapping

Execute Winning

Stage 3


Implement and sustain deliberate practice.

In this stage, we create the systems and processes that will empower you to drive performance and eliminate any constraints to winning on an ongoing basis. Additionally, we offer guidance on governance and sustainability practices for guarding your change. At the end, you’ll have a daily management system that clearly indicates where you’re winning, why you’re not winning, and what you can do to start winning.

Elements of this work may include:

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    Model Machine Set-Up and Training

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    Visual and Virtual Management Processes

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    Action Registers

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    Operating Reviews

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    Compliance Audits


Extreme Ownership at Every Level of the Organization

Leading To:

Better Engagement and a Psychologically Safe Culture


Efficient Processes and
Streamlined Operations

Leading To:

Improved Performance and Productivity


A Business Connected to a Clearly Defined Strategy

Leading To:

Greater Profitability and Success

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