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Align your team around a trusted operational system through a free purpose map.

Create enterprise alignment at
every level of your organization.


+ People

Align every member of your organization around a clear strategy for how your company wins.


+ Processes

A proven system that builds extreme ownership and results in billions of dollars in profit.


+ Tools

Performance Data Tracking software and Visual management scoreboards that connect and drive execution across your people and processes.

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Every member of your organization wants to be a part of a profitable, winning team.

Yet, most of your employees show up to work a job.

They haven’t been shown how their work contributes to the organization winning, and how to take as much ownership in the win as a top executive.

Our team exists to help you build this operational system across your entire organization.

Through the

system, you will see:

→ Deliberate Clarity

Every employee clear about what drives profitable wins in your organization.

→ Deliberate Ownership

Employees owning how their daily work contributes to your organization winning.

→ Deliberate Practice

The specific processes and daily tasks needed to ensure this outcome.

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Meet Our Founder

Billy Ray Taylor

Global operation strategist and former North America Director of Goodyear Tire, Billy has led some of the most awarded operation turnarounds in manufacturing.

Early in his career, at age 38, Billy was tasked to lead the worst-performing manufacturing plant at Goodyear. Within two years, the plant became the top-performing team in the country, surpassing both financial and production goals set in place.

Billy went on to lead multiple turnarounds within Goodyear and eventually became an executive officer. During his tenure, the company’s earnings rose from -$38 million to over $1 Billion.

Today, Billy is called upon by global manufacturing brands, universities, international conferences, and the U.S. military to build business operating systems through his trusted LinkedXL process.

Alongside a trusted team, Billy guides global brands to achieve breakthrough record-breaking results by aligning their entire employee base around clear outcomes and systems that drive ownership and execution.


LinkedXL Management Principles

Here’s how we help you drive enterprise excellence and extreme ownership across your entire organization:


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Accountability ON the Business

In most organizations, the top 5% direct, while the rest of the organization either carries out the orders or waits to be told what to do.

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Accountability IN the Business

The LinkedLX system flips your organizational structure connecting Strategy and Execution. Now, 80% drive execution with clear knowledge of how they win, 15% enable the strategy, and 5% in leadership provide clarity around purpose and goals.

Let’s define, align, and execute strategy within your organization:


Your audience will leave with:

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    A proven process for building alignment and ownership across your entire organization.

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    A comprehensive understanding of how to connect all of your business processes at every level.

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    Inspiration for building new levels of employee engagement through a winning team.

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    Side aches from laughter and dry eyes from tears as Billy shares over 30 years of incredible success stories from his career.

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Let’s build the system and implement the performance-tracking software that enables you to achieve record-breaking results.

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    Leadership guidance for building enterprise alignment, strategy, and execution across your entire organization.

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    Operational system implementation that drives extreme ownership and trackable execution.

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    Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly strategic governance meetings that keep your organization on track for record results.


Unifying Strategy, Performance, and Problem Solving for Optimal Profitability

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    Unlock your success with this all-in-one performance software. Improve performance at every level and streamline your operations through a holistic, data-driven approach to performance management that connects each unit’s strategy, performance, and projects to the organization’s profitability in an easy-to-use software.

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