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Results Driven Leadership & Team Ownership

LikedXL Keynote speakers and industry specific workshops are customized to match your organization’s goals. Built on the Taylor Made Management system created by our founder Billy Ray Taylor, LinkedXL Workshops focus on world class operating systems that propel an organization to the top tier of their industry.


Billy Ray Taylor is a leading international speaker on business excellence. His audiences consistently rate him as a top-tier speaker. He has extensive practical experience in all phases of people-driven business excellence with special focus on defining, aligning, and executing strategy as well as converting strategy to results.

The LinkedXL team has been hand picked and personally trained by Mr. Taylor. LinkedXL has leveraged his long track record of propelling global organizations to higher levels of performance and sustained growth. His proven approach to operational excellence has been featured in several books and global media outlets such as Industry Week, Plant Engineering and many other business publications.


LinkedXL’s innovative workshops teach processes on how to effectively deploy strategy. Additionally, techniques on how to create a culture of ownership for Business Acumen where colleagues at all levels can answer the question “Are we winning or losing as an enterprise?” Most importantly, LinkedXL workshops empower businesses to achieve their goals.


LinkedXL’s uniquely tailored messages, workshops, presentations and keynotes captivate audiences and enable a constructive spirit within those yearning for positive results and continuous improvement.

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